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Tinder for PC, How It Works:

First you download Tinder for PC you install the application on your computer, it’s free

You create a profile with one click (the application retrieves your Facebook profile picture and your interests – but fear not, no annoying messages appear nowhere on Facebook about your use of Tinder).

you add some photos, and if you wish, a brief description

And go. Tinder then allows you to scroll through the profiles of girls (or guys, if that’s your thing) located within X km around you.

If the profile you see please: you “Likez” a finger gesture; otherwise “NOPE”. And you go to the next profile in intensive zapping mode.

You put “LIKE” or “NOPE” on a profile, without any interaction with the profile user.

However, if a girl you like you like to turn Tinder for PC then alerts you and allows you to discuss together, assuming that there already has an early manifestation of mutual interest. The conversation can begin, with the aim of quickly reaching a first date if the initial interest survives the first exchanges (not so obvious).


tinder for pc

Use Tinder for PC to meet new People:

In fact, Tinder PC is certainly convenient, but not magic (especially: not automatic). Anyway: it must be used properly and with a bit of intelligence if we want to hope to get to know people.

At first, when Tinder was still relatively confidential, it was mainly frequented by people just select / a little hype.

Now very popular, there are almost everyone, your philosophy teacher vaguely cougar to your newly single cousin, via the Swedish au pair, + all the other girls of the Earth.

Some think that because Tinder is done to speed things up, we find only people interested in dating “fast” and superficial.

Beware of prejudices. You will find obviously girls looking for easy sex session; you will also find there girls in search of love, others in search of a little freshness in their lives, and others, my favorite, without any expectations, listening to what universe wants to offer them.

In fact, there are very good people on Tinder. People who potentially may become people who matter in your life.

When circumstances (and somewhat cheerful / talent) mean that the current flows smoothly, it can lead to very VERY nice stories – they last a night, two weeks or longer, and you’ll remember long (and just like any other game).

First rule to hold your own game Tinder: keep an open mind.

How to use Tinder for Computer:

As any site / dating tool will not believe that it is a miraculous tool which will give you every morning a new girl to meet.

That said, it can go very fast with Tinder, provided you have a carefully worked profile.

tinder for pc computer

Creating a good  profile on Tinder PC:

To get a good profile Tinder, we must already understand the psychology of the application (and its users).

The first thing (and often the only) that see the girls on Tinder about you, this is your main photo.
If your main photo manages to stop the girl in her zapping, two possibilities: either you like it right away; either she plunged into a profile to view your other photos, and your description if you have one.

Tinder is designed in a way that favors the phenomenon of zapping (“I quickly switch to another profile if I am not satisfied”), you must hit hard:

To hold the attention and force to stop zap with the best photo possible profile.
And if she looks at your profile: confirm his first impression with the most rewarding possible photos, and the most exciting description possible


Your pictures:

Zero picture: this is a no no. I repeat: Tinder is primarily based on the visual, so if your profile does not present a picture (or only pictures where you can not see you, wait until you make a flop).
Only one picture is not enough. This will often be frustrating for girls who want to see you several angles, in real conditions – and the failure to put a picture may look suspicious (“it’s not really him” or “he put the one good photo that exists of him, and where he does not look like Patrick Timsit “).
Too many photos not optimal either. More photos mean you take more risk to show a detail that bothers the girl, or simply lower your “impact”.

I think that a good compromise is 3 pictures, 4 maximum.

A tip: put 3 good pictures of you + a cool and funny picture found on the Internet (something rather nice to surprise and hype – but it must at all costs avoid heavy / vulgar humor).

What kind of profile pictures to use on Tinder PC:

Pictures in which you are to your advantage as much as possible
Pictures that we see you in action (such nice sports – preferably parachuting or gliding sport, rather than tennis: not the same excitation potential and virility)
Pictures that we see you trying to have a life (but not too much: photos with your pals 15 half drunk, his eyes closed and mouth open, to avoid)

The idea is that your 3 or 4 photos allow the girl to perceive you as a guy:

Assets (professionally, physically, socially): it will pass by your style, background pictures and deductions that can be drawn
Nice (prefer pictures where you have an open and relaxed attitude, pictures stretched dark, that does not necessarily inspire relaxation, especially if the girl is shy or herself of an open and friendly nature)
And let us be clear: that the pictures give the impression that they is not doing too badly in life.

So poke your albums Facebook photos, make new pictures (which does not sound too “artificial”) if you must, but do not be careless in your photos if you want to enjoy everything Tinder offer.

(Note that you can live very well and make cool games WITHOUT being on Tinder, that said – and besides, are not going to deprive you to go talk to that cute brunette sitting next to you, telling you that Tinder simply: Tinder is a complementary tool, facilitator – especially not a replacement tool).


Filling Up your Tinder Profile:

When creating your profile, Tinder recovers your interests back on Facebook.

Groups of music, favorite movies and series, the pages you … All this appears Likez / may appear on Tinder (I do not know exactly what makes a particular thing appears or not).

The idea, again, is to make a careful sorting in the interests that will appear (those that appear in the last Tinder are you like / said in Facebook).

Trying to focus on areas of interest likely to react the girl, giving her the impression that you have tastes in common with it, and tastes in line with its values ​​to it.

It does not invent you taste, obviously, but just to sort through your Facebook interests only highlight on your profile Tinder which puts you best value, and most likely to smile (or interest) the girl.

(Note that you can also delete your profile Tinder to better recreate it, with your new information Facebook all clean, it is also useful to delete / recreate their profile if you accidentally “nope” a girl you fall madly at first glance – or to give you a second chance with new photos, if the girl that you like to you obviously zapped)

Your Profile description

The description is both formidable and secondary on Tinder: not all girls who read (and especially, never at first glance, since we really click to view), but if a girl falls on your description and she manages to make her smile / block / you notice in well is won, you live like it.

Instead description rather see it as a teaser, an advertisement about you, and whose only purpose is to show that you are:

Intelligent / spiritual minimum / with second degree (which is ultimately the same thing)
Able to have a nice conversation and exciting / thrilling

Attention to heaviness, know to stay subtle and in the second degree.

Do not go not write a novel. Your presentation should take about 5 to 10 lines max.

How To meet more people on Tinder Dating Site:

tinder dating

Avoid this type of messages on Tinder.
Sad “Hello my name is Rene, I am 25 years old and live in New Yorkt, I like walks in the forest and I want a serious relationship” nobody wants to read this kind of stuff on a dating site . This is boring. This is flat. And it gives the impression that you yourself are boring and flat. Some energy, brilliance and enthusiasm that devil!

Stuffed messages spelling mistakes. But sending a message full of mistakes hurts your image in the eyes of many users (the most demanding and sophisticated anyway)

In short, it is time to show your coolness (and do it in a way that sounds natural).

Cool, we match!

A “match” is when a girl you like you like to turn (or the reverse).

Look for it as an encouraging sign.

Now, we have to confirm that over the first exchanges.

So, you say what?

Thereupon, there are almost as many opinions and advice as there are girls.

For some, the “Hi how are you? “Is unacceptable. Too plane level, they “require” pep and creativity, otherwise their interest falls very quickly.
Others, however, prefer the classic and are cooled by poorly calibrated approach, and not too enthusiastic in tone (often thinking it is made phrases repeated over and over again – that which they do not necessarily wrong).

No rules, no recipe, you’ll never get 100% of successful approaches (if the discussion “takes” with a girl of 5 is already well).

Some tips (valid both on Tinder in real life):

Your goal at the beginning of the conversation is:

  • confirm that indeed, you are cool and normal
  • you have a brain and you know how to use (education, humor, sociability)
  • to convince her that you are the most cool and interesting guy she will cross today / this week / ever, and a drink with you is needed urgently.
  • Strengthening mutual interest (esteem, respect, curiosity, fascination)
  • Create link
  • Creating tension (intellectual, physical, sexual): small allusions, teasing, etc.

Important note: do not be too many expectations with respect to Tinder (and any other dating site) if you do not live in (or nearby) of a big city.

If you live in rural and sparsely populated area, there is little chance for you to find lots of interesting profiles nearby; and while there, you will quickly around and you will quickly exhausted the (low) potential application.

The final word

Tinder for PC is a great dating site that helps you meet new people near you, visit Tinder site and create your account today.

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