Tinder Online

Do you have a lot of friends on social networks but you’ve never met half of them? Tinder is for you. This app is not just a social network that adds to the long list of existing ones. Tinder allows you to meet people close to your location and who meet your expectations.

How to use Tinder for PC to meet people?

Tinder remains the most popular meeting application of the moment, in France as elsewhere, and it displays excellent results. But this is an application that has focused on fast mobile meetings, possible thanks to a touch swipe system, and we can therefore wonder why this version on computer was launched.

The advantage of using Tinder Dating Site?

Tinder’s whole principle is based on his Swipe and his matches. It is a question of scrolling on your smartphone, using your index, the profiles of the members which are proposed to you will be criteria of tastes of distance, age …

The profile appears and you have the choice between projecting it to the left, to make it disappear when it does not please you, and drag it to the right to indicate that it interests you. Therefore, you just have to hope that the (or) profile (s) you chose to do the same.

When 2 profiles are self-like, it’s a match! It is then possible to start a conversation.

This allows for quick meetings and easy connections at any time. Because yes, Tinder is used most of the time during breaks, during long and tedious transport, during a phase of boredom at work (we saw you!) Or on the terrace, sipping a coffee.

Meet More People

The first and most plausible is that Tinder wants to expand its scope, making itself accessible to people who do not necessarily have a smartphone or who can not connect to the Internet outside their home. Even if we have the impression that everyone has access to the internet on their phone, this is far from the case in many countries, which are full of singles!

By offering Tinder on PC, the company can reach many more people and thus offer its users greater opportunities for meetings.

More discretion

One of the things that is most often blamed on Tinder is the lack of discretion in its use. If you fix your smartphone with a naughty eye and making big gestures to the right, or to the left, then it is certain that you are on Tinder. How many of you have been grilling in full skimming profiles on the app while he was at work or in full family meal? By creating Tinder PC, the developers decided to propose the same thing, but with the possibility of making his matches from his home, calmly installed in front of his computer screen. We lose in modernity what we gain in practicality. And one does not prevent the other, because obviously, your account can be used on PC and smartphone in the same way!

Difference between Tinder Online and Mobile Version ?

Tinder online is exactly the same as Tinder … but on a PC! If we could expect to find some differences or additions, this is not the case and users of the dating application will not be disoriented.

You can register via Facebook, or recently with your phone number and a valid email address, and create a profile as neat as you need on Tinder. Photos are essential if you want to match, but the description should not be forgotten because it allows you to stand out. In addition, on PC, singles will be less in a hurry than on mobile and will certainly take the time to read it, so write it carefully, as recommended in this article.

Then you find the same features, with the search criteria but no geolocation, because the PC does not have the GPS of a smartphone. The profiles are displayed on your screen and even if you will be strongly tempted to pass your index on the screen for the swiper, know that it does not work …! Use your mouse and click on the green heart for the profiles you like, on the red cross for those you do not like. It’s as simple as mobile, touch less!

When you have a match, all you have to do is start the conversation effectively, using for example this type of catchphrase that works perfectly. Quickly, you will find that the effectiveness of Tinder Pc is the same as its counterpart on Mobile and you will start to make meetings – serious or naughty – very quickly!

Tinder Pc, a classic but effective online version

If at the beginning, one could wonder why to have released a version Tinder Pc some years after the mobile version (whereas it is the opposite that is done generally), one understands better the logic now.

Tinder is betting to bring even more singles on its platform, mobile or online, and you will have the opportunity to meet from everywhere: at home, warm in front of your computer, but also during your outings with your smartphone at the hand. What to do a maximum of meeting in any place and at any time!

Tinder without Facebook: the novelty that will change the meeting online

Until now, there was only one way to register on Tinder: it was necessary to have a Facebook account and proceed to the registration via this one. Practical, but unfair to those who did not have an account on the famous social network! To remedy this, Tinder finally offers a registration accessible to all!

Using Tinder without Facebook .

Sign up for Tinder via Facebook, a step that is no longer required

To enjoy Tinder, the most popular dating app of the moment, with its swipes, matches and the many meetings it can do, it was necessary to register for free by connecting your Facebook account to the application .

The purpose of this maneuver was mainly to control the quality of the registered profiles. On Facebook, photos are subject to some censorship, and many fake profiles are quickly eliminated. By importing them directly from the social network, Tinder made sure to have reliable and serious users.

In addition, registration was greatly facilitated by this connection. In one click, we validated his Tinder account, the photos were imported and depending on your activity on the platform, the profiles that were suggested to you adapted to your tastes.

A lot of benefits, therefore. But this method also has some inconvenience. The first, obvious, is that those who are reluctant to use Facebook can not use Tinder! An injustice that had to wait until 2018 to be repaired, as I explain below. Also, the fact that the application goes searching in your contacts does not please everyone. But you will see that we can make sure to hide his registration to Tinder, even via Facebook.

How to login to Tinder without Facebook:

In recent weeks, using Tinder without Facebook has become possible. This small revolution for the application will certainly make it possible to reinforce even more its position of number 1 of the mobile meeting! In addition to the millions of Facebook users, it is now singles of all kinds who will be able to enjoy the joys of Tinder.

This will renew the current profiles, perhaps even extend the choice to categories of slightly older users (who do not have Facebook). Good news for all those who were frustrated at not being able to use this application that offers impressive results.

On the main page of the dating application, you will have the choice between “connection with Facebook”, and “connection with a phone number”. Choose the second option and expect to receive a confirmation SMS at the number indicated.

Then you will need to give a valid email address, your first names and date of birth and then insert some photos (according to Tinder’s rules) and complete the description of your profile. This last step is optional but we strongly recommend you to do it, to maximize your chances of match!

And here you are on Tinder! It’s up to you to choose the profiles you like, and to make serious or more naughty encounters on Tinder!

Tips to follow if you sign in to Tinder via Facebook

We can connect to Tinder without Facebook, but many will continue to register via the most popular social network. As we have seen, this has some practical advantages, such as being able to see friends in common of a potential match! But if you opt for this method, and you do not want everyone to know that you are a Tinder addict, there are some techniques to use.

Already, be reassured because Tinder can not share anything on your wall. This is something that Facebook does not allow and that’s good! But sometimes, the suggestions of advertisements or some postings on Facebook could make understand to your close ones that you are on Tinder. The best way is to make the following settings:

In the Facebook settings, choose the application category and click Tinder. Pass the visibility of the app to ‘Only me’. On Tinder, in the settings, disable the “Be visible on Tinder Social” feature

Thus, you will no longer be visible on these two networks by people you know. Only one risk remains, that of falling on a Tinder profile that you know. You can avoid it, by swiping it on the left, or like it and start a funny conversation if the person does the same!