1. Tinder: how does it work?

The following steps will show you how Tinder works.

Start by downloading and installing Tinder on your phone. Just go to the Google Play Store or the Apple Store or even the Tinder website, download the app and install it.

After installation, you will have to log in with your Facebook account.
And for your targets to match your tastes, update your Facebook profile using a recent profile photo that you prefer to see alone or with a friend who is not the same sex of your target, otherwise it may reduce your profile. your chances of meeting.

Let me explain, the profile picture is what other users are watching first, or even the only thing he sees from your profile. Now imagine that you want to meet girls (or boys) and that in your profile picture, you are already with a girl (or a boy), those who will see your profile picture will zap you.

Make sure your important information such as your age, place of residence and photos are visible to everyone on Facebook. Be aware that if your age is hidden on Facebook, Tinder will not detect it and will suggest people outside your target.
Remember to personalize your profile using photos of you while practicing a sport for example, or you at the beach or with your dog, your photos must be attractive and make others want to contact you.

Edit your Tinder profile by clicking on “Text Editing” on the top right corner of the application. This part will allow you to filter the people who contact you.
Once your profile is edited, you are ready to search for matches. And to save you unnecessary time, introduce the target profile of your choice by going to Settings or Settings and enter step by step the features that interest you in the people you want to meet.

To be up to date, check that notifications are enabled. That way, you will not miss any more matches.

Tinder will use from now on your rental, your age and the characteristics that you have selected to propose to you people who are in the zone that you indicated in the settings.

As soon as he finds a match, you receive a notification with the photo, age and location of the person. You then have the opportunity to accept or decline the match. but know that if you reject a person, you can not go back on it.
If you accept it, wait for the match to start and start a conversation

2. How to talk on Tinder?

To start talking with your Tinder games, follow these steps:

Go to the application menu, then messages and choose the person with whom you want to start a conversation.
The first message you send must make a good impression. So try to use a friendly tone, to be polite and kind. Avoid all nasty expressions or those that make you look rude and naughty.
Do not flood your message matches. Take the first step but wait for the other to take a step to do the second. If the person does not answer you, it is because they have not seen your message or simply do not want to answer you.

Stay yourself. It’s not because you are behind a screen that you will allow yourself to lie and invent lives.

3. Delete a Tinder account: how to do it?

If you think you no longer need Tinder, just delete your account. For it :

Go to the menu >> settings >> settings >> delete account

In case Tinder does not work, uninstall and reinstall the application.